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Our services are easy to access. Almost as easy as breathing. And we truly mean that.
Let us take you through our process.

Step 1: Tell Us What You’re Looking For

The first and the most crucial part of our process is you. Your opinion, your comfort level and your clarity on what you’re looking for. The only who is going to live in these places after the installation process is you. So, we want to ensure that we are providing you a solution that fits you best and makes your living more comfortable and better.

America's Green Heating & Air Conditioning Company, LLC.
America's Green Heating & Air Conditioning Company, LLC.

Step 2: Get What You Were Looking For

Once we take in your inputs, we ensure matching our solution with your expectation and idea. Be it a commercial or residential space, our approach to either is the same – professional! We analyze all the options available and bridge the gap between your expectation and what you’re going to get, by providing a customized solution.

Step 3: Happy Living Begins!

Once our technical executives finish their installation process, you’re all good to go. Enjoy the temperature that you like the best. Experience a comfortable living space. The road to happy living begins here.

America's Green Heating & Air Conditioning Company, LLC.

Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance

We are your source for routine maintenance plan that includes two seasonal inspections, typically before summer and winter.

Our Maintenance Plan Includes: ( Preventative)

  • Two Annual Heating & AC System Inspections
  • Priority Service over All Other Service Requests
  • Special Discounts on Replacement Parts and Materials
  • Labor Included for Regular Repairs and Maintenance
  • Special Discounts on System Replacement

Our Experts Will :

  • Check for Refrigerant Charge Levels
  • Check for Refrigerant Lines for Insulation
  • Check Refrigerant Control Operation
  • Check for Calibration
  • Check Air Filters
  • Check Gas Outlet Pressures
  • Check Igniters & Flame Sensors
  • Check Thermocouples
  • Check & Clean Secondary Trap on 90% Furnaces
  • Check for Starting Amperage of the Compressor
  • Check Evaporator Coil
  • Check Bearing of the Blower Motor
  • Check for Drainage & Leaks
  • Check Capacitors & Contactors
  • Check Electrical Connections
  • Check Super Heat and Subcooling
  • Check Discharge Super Heat
  • Check Circuit Breakers & Fuses for Proper Size
  • Delta T - Temperature Difference between Return & Supply
  • Check CPU Settings
  • Check for Safety Controls for Defects
  • Check Electric Heaters on Heat Pump Systems
  • Check Defrost Cycle on Heat Pumps & Components

Free Estimates Available For Equipment Installation Or Replacement